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Many of our customers have asked if we can provide IT support/service to go along with the great phone system support we have at Hooper. We are pleased to announce the answer is “Yes” for our customers that don’t have an IT person on staff, or for those that aren’t satisfied with the level of expertise they are currently getting from their IT contractor.

Hooper promises to deliver the same high-level support for your IT requirements, just like the telecom support and service you’ve come to rely on since 1986.

This includes support and equipment for:

Local Area Network (LAN) Support

Wide Area Network (WAN) Support

Desktop Support and Management

Cloud Configuration and Support

Microsoft Windows 10 Desktop/Server Support

VPN – Virtual Private Networks Management & Support

Hooper Communications has the experience and expertise to provide a first class Information Technology Support Service that insures to keep your IT systems at peak performance.

To speak with one of our IT Consultants and evaluate the options available to your organization, please contact Hooper Communications at (713) 983-2121

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